Thursday, September 10, 2009

Madden NFL

Tonight is the opening of the NFL season. I don't care for the Steelers, but as a Colts fan I am obligated to root for Pittsburgh.

On the technology front, I sincerely hope that next year's Madden NFL is the last monopoly version of the franchise. I am still stuck in the days when there was competition in the football market. For the last 4 seasons EA has gotten away with releasing minor service packs and improved graphics. In the meantime, game play has been disappointing, player ratings have been ridiculous (i.e. Adam Vinatieri in Madden 10), and the presentation quickly becomes repetitive and annoying. Imagine what Madden could be if it had to compete with other products it might actually get better.

This year's Madden is being billed as the best ever. Perhaps it is, but some of its "New" features could be found in ESPN NFL2k5 which means these are not new ideas being brought to the table and we football fans have gotten the short end of the stick. I hope the NFL does not pursue an additional exclusive contract with EA or any other company. I believe that like real football the game is made better by real competition.

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